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Seville Lantern Large

Seville Lantern Large

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Large metal Seville lantern.  This lantern is ideal if you are looking for an attractive lantern that is safe to place outdoors near a pool or where garden games are being played as it has the added advantage that the lantern contains no glass so no risk of breakages.  Also available to purchase separately in small and medium sizes.

 As these products are hand finished, some colour variations may occur, which add to the natural charm and vintage style of these products. Suitable for outdoor use, but will weather over time.  We would recommend bringing inside during periods of very cold, wet or windy weather.  

Candle is accessed via catch mechanism at top of lantern. No glass.


Please do not leave burning candles unattended and be aware that lanterns become very hot when lit.

Remove all labels and packaging before lighting candles.  Never leave burning candles unattended.  Never move candles or candle holders whilst they are burning or hot.  Never burn candles near children or animals.  Always burn candles away from draughts.  Always ensure you burn each candle on or in a suitable holder on a level surface away from the edge and place the holder on a heat resistant surface.  Never light a candle near flammable items.  Always burn candles in holders that are the correct size.  Extinguish candles with care - preferably with a candle snuffer.